Invest in Andorra

Why invest in Andorra?

Tax advantages

Low taxation

The maximum total taxes paid in Andorra usually never reach 10% of income, regardless of type or origin.


With 100% fiber optic and 98% mobile coverage, and a future fitting out of a possible airport and a heliport.


Located in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, Andorra is close to all of Europe, and equidistant from Barcelona and Toulouse.


The Principality has bilateral agreements with a multitude of countries, highlighting among them the 8 agreements to avoid double taxation (CDI) as is the case with Spain.

Low quotes

Competent, reliable and solvent social security, and one of the best health systems in the world.

10% Company Tax

with the possibility of having a bonus of 80%

Some exempt holdings

to pay corporate taxes (see services)

Social security contributions for employees of 6.5%

and for companies 15.5%

General VAT, called IGI, general of 4.5%

with an ITP of only 4%

Annual fees and costs to maintain the company less than € 800 for current companies.

Passive Residency in Andorra